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100% All Natural Poultry

Weiss' carries only 100% ALL NATURAL Poultry from various processors.  Our fresh poultry is all natural meaning it is minimally processed and will not ever include any artificial ingredients or added preservatives.  Our poultry has:



Weiss' Poultry Vendors

Wayne Farms® fresh poultry is ALL NATURAL meaning it is minimally processed and does not include any artificial ingredients.  Weiss' carries the following poultry from them:

- Whole Chickens ( 3 - 3.5 lb)

- Chicken Leg Quarters

- Jumbo Chicken Wings

- Jumbo Chicken Drumsticks

- Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

- Superlean Chicken Breast

- Italian Marinated Chicken Breast

- Caribbean Marinated Chicken Breast

Miller Poultry is a small, family-owned company located in Northern Indiana. There chickens are raised on all vegetable feed that is ground at their feed mill from corn and soybeans. Their Chickens are:

- All Natural 

- Raised on All-Vegetable Feeds

- Raised WITHOUT Antibotics

- Have NO Artificial Colors

- No Hormones


- Cage-Free

- Gluten Free

Weiss' carries the following poultry from Miller's Amish both:    

- Whole Amish Chickens  ( 3.5 - 4 lb)      -  Bone in Chicken Breasts

Peacock's Poultry Farms

In true Amish tradition, turkeys are all natural. NO growth hormones… NO preservatives… just great tasting meals. Peacock's Amish Turkeys also have less fat and more meat. That’s because the turkeys are not force fed. They grow at their own pace to stay tender and lean. 

Amish Turkeys are raised in open, spacious houses with plenty of fresh air and water. They also spend time outside, on a true Free Range environment. 

Weiss' carries the following poultry from Peacock's Amish Farm:    

- Whole Amish Turkeys  ( 12-30 lb )     -  Bone in Turkey Breasts

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